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Who We Are

Committed to Excellence

Established in 2021, MAVEK is a financial advisory firm specializing in M&A and financial advisory services for cross-border transactions. Our team is comprised of uniquely skilled personnel who demonstrate exceptional expertise within their respective domains. We provide exclusive, first-tier advisory services that were formerly unavailable for our clients.



MAVEK is composed of a distinguished team of experts who have a deep understanding of cross-border transactions and socio-economical dynamics within various business landscapes. Our unique expertise enables us to deliver sustainable global business strategies to our clients.


A firm is only as good as its people, and we’re fortunate to have some of the best and brightest. Through our exceptional talent pool, MAVEK provides uniquely tailored solutions to our clients.


MAVEK is committed to helping entrepreneurs and corporations build a better future. Through in-depth analyses of risks and opportunities, we devote our passion and expertise to shape a better future for our clients, prioritizing clients' interests above all.



Global Semiconductor Chip Wars and Implications - C Level Summit

Oct, 12th 2023

MAVEK & SAP Webinar Highlights

Paula Stern

Former Chairwoman of US International Trade Commission

Clyde Prestowitz

Former White House Adviser

Masahisa Sato (Lawmaker)

Member of the House of Councillors - Japan

Yang, Hyang-ja (Lawmaker)

Member of the National Assembly - Korea

John Deng

Minister without portfolio in charge of trade negotiations

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